About us

We support cultural heritage and arts organisations in Flanders and Brussels as they produce, share and preserve digital cultural content.  As such we contribute to the creation of a reliable, high-quality, sustainable and accessible digital memory.

The mission and vision texts you can find below, have been written for the muli-year policy plan for 2019-2023, submitted in december 2017.

After the merger with VIAA and Lukas in January 2019, a new mission and vision  as well as a new policy plan have been written, about which we will communicate in the course of 2020.


PACKED is the center for expertise that offers knowledge and support regarding digital heritage in Flanders and Brussels, engaging with diverse groups of communities.

Through our expertise, we support cultural organisations adapting their operations to our fast paced technology infused economy. Our understanding of digital technologies for heritage objects, metadata and work processes helps organisations seize the opportunities they offer to society. 

As the care of heritage is not only the domain of conservators buts starts with the  producers, and needs the  support from intermediate bodies, government and ICT experts, we have a multi-domain, cross-sectoral approach covering the full life cycle of a digital object.

PACKED supports organisations to become agile, collaborative and scaleable, all necessary organisation competencies for our fast paced technology infused economy.

Through our services we support the creation of a reliable, qualitative and sustainable digital heritage, accessible to the public and users.


Digitisation is an ongoing process affecting society at large. Through technological innovation, digitisation has a strong impact on existing practices and traditions, ass well as accompanying business and organisational models, goals and processes. It affects the entire spectrum of cultural production, distribution and presentation and cultural heritage at its core. It creates new challenges as much as it generates opportunities. 

Digital heritage is highly vulnerable, in particular born-digital heritage, due to its lack of an analog equivalent to rely on. Yet its preservation and access are necessary for building and maintaining our shared memory. This allows us to keep questioning our society, as well as it allows for Brussels and Flanders to contribute and play their respective roles in the international information society. 

Ensuring reliable, sustainable and quality access to digital heritage implies a degree of resources and knowledge, which transcend the assets of the common individual and cultural organisations. This makes  collaboration and scaling as well as the participation of heritage communities, intermediaries, ICT-experts and governments of the utmost importance. Additionally, the social interest should always come first when answering these questions and availing oneself of its opportunities. The interest of the (re)user of digital heritage transcends that of the cultural organisation. 

As a cross-domain node for knowledge and support concerning digital heritage in Flanders and Brussel, PACKED wants to fulfill an important role in ensuring a reliable, qualitative, sustainable and accessible digital memory. PACKED collects and processes knowledge and puts the theory to the test in practice, collaborating with  interested parties. This happens in an international context. Answering calls from both peers and stakeholders is equally important. PACKED provides advice and offers support to individuals and organisations that care for digital heritage, both within the cultural heritage as the arts sector. Likewise we facilitate the mutual sharing of knowledge and expertise among those individuals and organisations. If strategically necessary, we offer, develop and maintain supporting tools. We also play an active role in “agenda setting” both for governments and cultural organisations. 

PACKED supports the realisation of UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goals, in particular goals 4, 9, 11, 12 and 16. 

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