Online platform Historische Drukkerij Turnhout (publication)

100 masters.Brussels (launch)

12 July - 12 August 2016

Digital Summer Workshops iMAL (workshops)

This summer iMAL organizes the 12th edition of their Summer Digital Workshops. These six courses address techniques and practices increasingly used in performing art, installation art, (audio)visual art and of course digital art. They are all based on open(-source) softwares and hardwares.
This year, the programme includes two new workshops exploring the possibilities of the Raspberry Pi single-board computer, as well as an extended 3D-modeling introduction course.

30 mei 2016

Informatiemoment nieuw Cultureel-erfgoeddecreet

Handels- en dienstvoertuigen in ETWIE-kennisbank (publication)

met de steun van de vlaamse overheid

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