18 - 20 July 2016

No Time to Wait!: Standardizing FFV1 & Matroska for Preservation (symposium)

The event will feature talks, presentations, and working meetings on Matroska, FFV1, and the software, documentation, and use cases associated with these formats. The event will also present on the current state of the IETF’s CELLAR working group’s progress to develop specifications for Matroska and FFV1 as well as efforts to design and extend software in support of these formats. This event provides an opportunity for format inventors, developers, specification authors, and archivists to collaborate and advance audiovisual preservation formats. The standardization process is financed by PREFORMA, in which project PACKED vzw is a partner.

29 - 30 November 2016

Acting on Change: New Approaches and Future Practices in Digital Preservation (conference )

November 21st - 22nd 2016

E-Space: Digital Heritage: Reuse, Remake, Reimagine (conference)

Hidden in museums, archives and libraries around Europe sit artifacts that tell a story and are waiting for their day in the sun. The Cultural Heritage institutions began to digitize these artifacts making them available online, so that users would discover them and find value in learning more about Europe’s cultural heritage. Digitization is progressing and more hidden treasures are becoming visible. However, in today’s digital society existing on the web is not enough. Audiences want to engage with culture, they want to create their own stories not just read the ones that exist, they want to integrate the information in their teaching, their creative projects, they want to play with the material, not only look at it. They want to reuse, they want to remake, they want to reimagine.

14 October 2016

BeMuseum kick-off Conference

In the digital era, museums are facing multiple challenges and transformations and these are often similar from one institution to another. Yet, there are not enough bridges being created between these museums in order to exchange better practices, encourage mutual learning and foster cooperation.
The objective of BeMuseum is precisely to address these gaps through the creation of a network of museum professionals in Belgium. With a special focus on innovation, the BeMuseum network will create space for dialogue, it will strengthen solidarity between players and stimulate collaboration.

Preforma: OPF webinar (report)

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