TRACKS : de TRANSIT-collectie (praktijkvoorbeeld)

13th November 2015

Understanding Europe – promoting the European public and cultural space in het Horizon2020 programma (workshop)

Kunstenerfgoed gezocht (update TRACKS)

10 - 11th December 2015

Europeanaspace : Creative reuse of cultural heritage and contemporary practices (conference)

EuropeanaSpace organises a conference about the challenges and opportunities of reuse of cultural heritage in the digital world. PACKED vzw helped to realise the target of this program concerning rights. We are also activily supporting the development of some demonstrator-apps using cultural heritage in educational programs.
In the frame of the conference also Europeana will take a look at its vision for the future.

25 - 27 februari 2016

EuropeanaSpace Photography-hackaton (update)

One of the main objectives of Europeana Space is to increase and enhance the creative industries’ use of Europeana and other online collections of digital cultural content, by delivering a range of resources to support their engagement. For that purpose Europeana Space organises several thematic hackatons in several European cities, the one about Photography in Leuven end of February.

met de steun van de vlaamse overheid

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