30 January 2017

Informatie Aan Zee 2017: call for papers (call )

PACKED vzw: communication and knowledge sharing (update)

6 January 2017

Papers for MuseumNext Europe Conference Rotterdam (call )

PRESERVE THIS: Overview of online Seminars on (Digital) Preservation (website)

Preserve This offers an overview of courses in preservation. Examples are ' 'Intro to AV preservation', 'Intro to Digital Preservation' en 'Disaster Planning Tech Tools and Apps'. The approach is practical, f.e. in the Intro to Digital preservation participants are introduceer to the basics: understanding digital files, metadata, planning for digital storage, file fixity checking, and avenues for implementing a strategy as well as software for your institution. Quizzes and homework will allow participants to synthesize readings and lectures, along with access to the instructor via email at any point during the course.

8 - 9 February 2017

Future Proof!? Strategies for the conservation of interactive digital art. (symposium)

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