28 - 29 June 2017

LODLAM summit: applications open (announcement)

Europeana and the International Image Interoperability Framework (update)

The Europeana Data Model (EDM) has been updated to facilitaire ingest of resources that have been published using the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF).
Earlier this year we published a blog about the potential benefits of IIIF for Europeana. IIIF offers a standard set of options to serve digitised pictures and allows users to rotate, zoom, select particular areas, and more.
Europeana now has begun incorporating IIIF in their service infrastructure. Providers can now incorporate IIIF resources in the metadata they send to Europeana using the Europeana Data Model (see Guidelines for submitting IIIF resources for objects in EDM). Europeana Collections will present them using a dedicated IIIF viewer, and lastlijn, the IIIF resources can also be found in the metadata exported through the Europeana API, making them available to a wider range of data re-users.

1 December 2016

LIMA: UNFOLD#3 - Reinterpreting the Digital (public event)

30 November 2016

Digitisation of cultural heritage and Orphan Works (workshop)

Hundreds of thousands of written and audiovisual works preserved in European libraries and film archives are today inaccessible because their rights status is not clear. The Orphan Works Directive was adopted in 2012 to set out common rules on the digitisation and online display of so-called Orphan Works, with the objective to make their digitisation and online display legally possible.

Museomix BE 2016 @ MAS Antwerpen (event)

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