Metropolitan Museum of Art: 375.000 afbeeldingen vrij ter beschikking onder CC0-licentie (announcement)

Europeana: the quest for better metadata quality (update)

In March 2016 we announced the creation of a Europeana Data Quality Committee (DQC) to work on the various facets of data quality. Quality metadata is needed to meet users needs. It has positive impact on search performance, on the overall Europeana user experience and on the re-use of the data.

Europeana: updates Europeana Data Model (update)

The EDM Mapping guidelines and the EDM schema have been updated to encompass new data requirements. The expectation is that these changes will help data providers in their efforts to get the best results from the data sent to Europeana.

OCE: kanttekeningen bij het Cultureel-erfgoeddecreet (update)

7 april 2017

Netwerk Digitaal Erfgoed: NDE-conferentie 2017

met de steun van de vlaamse overheid

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