Documenting live Heritage on Wikipedia

11 - 12 november 2016

HACKALOD: Hackaton met Linked Open Data (announcement)

STAM: nieuwe website met een virtuele tentoonstelling en online collectiepresentatie (announcement)

10 oktober 2016

Right to be forgotten versus right to remember (colloquium)

The Belgian State Archives organise an international congress on the “Right to be forgotten versus right to remember”. In May 2016, the European Parliament adopted a new regulation intended to enhance the natural persons’ protection with regard to the processing of their personal data. At this end, a “right to be forgotten” has been introduced. What are its implications for the archives sector and how will personal data have to be dealt with in public archives? And what about the right to remember? This international congress ais to make a first assessment.

2016 CEF Telecom call: thematic Collections on Europeana (call)

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