Resurrection Lab is looking for old carriers and hardware

This month, PACKED vzw launched the Resurrection Lab project in collaboration with iMAL. The project aims to transfer, preserve and give access to a collection of works that are often inaccessible due to the obsolescence of their carriers, their formats and the hardware and software environment required to access it. If you are an art organisation, an heritage institution, artist or anyone that has a born-digital works or content of cultural value you need to extract from an old floppy, hard drive or computer, you can contact us to see whether we can help you in the future to get access to it again. The project is now in the process of gathering all the necessary hardware and software to preserve these works, so if you have old equipment lying around that you no longer need and could be useful for the project, please contact PACKED vzw, and help us save our born-digital heritage.

For those of you interested in the issues tackled by the Resurrection Lab, two events related to software preservation, media archeology and born-digital creation, will take place in the coming weeks in France and Holland.

On March 23 in Paris, a round table is organised by INRIA Alumni with professionals from the heritage sector to discuss the importance of preserving software heritage. The event will take place at the Conservatoire national des arts et métiers. For more info please visit:

On the 8th and 9th of April, WORM in Rotterdam will host the Third Edition of Floppy Totaal, a festival entirely devoted to contemporary floppy disk culture and art. This two-day international festival will propose lectures, workshops, performances and installations focusing on the use of floppy disk to create publication, video and music. For the full program of the festival visit:"

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