In a complex and rapidly evolving field such as that of digital cultural heritage, collaboration and the exchange of knowledge and experience are necessary. PACKED vzw therefore welcomes collaboration proposals and requests.

PACKED vzw collaborates with organisations from the international field of cultural heritage. The centre of expertise in digital heritage was one of the partners (from 24 countries) involved in the European project ATHENA. Within ATHENA, PACKED vzw collaborated as national coordinator with the Royal Museums for Art and History (Brussels), City Archive of Antwerp, Fashion Museum (Antwerp), Collection of the Flemish Community (Brussels), Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (Brussels) and the Royal Museum for Central Africa (Tervuren) (click here for more information). The creation of the Cultural Heritage Standards Toolbox CEST (Cultureel ErfgoedStandaarden Toolbox) happened in collaboration with both eDAVID and DEN (Digital Heritage Netherlands).

Since 1 January 2011 PACKED vzw coordinates the DCA project (Digitising Contemporary Art). This project is executed in collaboration with 21 content partners (museums of contemporary art, media festivals etc.) and four technical partners. Digitising Contemporary Art is a thirty-month digitisation project aimed at contemporary art, i.e. art created after 1945 - a type of cultural heritage still barely represented on Europeana. The art objects include paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations, videos etc. (click here for more information on DCA.)

PACKED vzw also participates as a partner in the project ‘Linked Heritage – Metadata, Standards, Persistent Identification and Linked Data System for a digital cultural heritage in Europe’, which is co-financed by the CIP-ICT PSP support programme by the European Commission. In the context of this project PACKED vzw is responsible for coordinating the supply of digital material from Flemish cultural heritage organisations. Institutes that wish to participate in this project are free to contact PACKED vzw. They will be able to disclose their content on the Europeana portal. This project was launched at the end of April 2011 and continues for 30 months (click here for more information on Linked Heritage.)

In Flanders PACKED vzw is a member of amongst others the Cultureel Erfgoedoverleg (Cultural Heritage Meeting) and the Europeana Vlaanderen Overlegplatform (Europeana Flanders Discussion Platform). Together with the Vlaamse Kunstcollectie (Flemish Art Collection), MovE and FARO, PACKED vzw is one of the core members of the ‘User group cultural heritage, copyright and public domain’. This group provides a platform for the protection of the interests of cultural heritage institutes and organisations (museums, archives, heritage libraries and others) as users of cultural heritage and the interests of the general public with regard to copyright.

PACKED vzw is also part of an international informal network of organisations involved in the archiving and preservation of audiovisual arts. Through collaboration and the exchange of knowledge and experience these organisations try to develop methods and standards for the archiving of audiovisual arts. Some examples of international collaborations:

  • PACKED vzw engages in research together with the Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst (NIMk / Netherlands Media Arts Institute, Amsterdam), e.g. from July 2009 until the end of June 2011 we did research on the preservation of audiovisual equipment for audiovisual arts (click here for more information);
  • PACKED vzw exchanges interviews with artists and experts for online publication with Independent Media Arts Preservation (IMAP, New York) and coordinator Rony Vissers represents PACKED vzw in the Advisory Council of IMAP.


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