Mission and vision


The region of Flanders is striving to hold a top position in the information society. To be a European top region, our community requires a trustworthy, qualitative and sustainable digital memory. As a knowledge hub, PACKED vzw means to contribute to the creation of this memory.


As a centre of expertise, PACKED vzw means to play a central part in Flanders in centring the development of knowledge, experience and expertise regarding digitisation and digital archiving, and in spreading the acquired knowledge, experience and expertise. In this way, the centre of expertise means to improve and guard the quality and efficiency of actions in regard to digitisation and digital archiving within the broader field of cultural heritage.

PACKED vzw will extend further the knowledge, experience and expertise present so far regarding the creation and management of digital collections and rendering them accessible. Given its historical background, PACKED vzw will focus predominantly on museums and will devote special, yet no exclusive, attention to audiovisual art and audiovisual heritage. In the future, this knowledge, experience and expertise will not only be made available to museums, but also to other institutes (managing collections) and organisations within (and outside) the field of cultural heritage, such as archives and heritage libraries.

Next to this, PACKED vzw coordinates the cooperation with and between different agents in the broad field of heritage working on the acquisition and spread of knowledge, experience and expertise on digitisation and digital archiving of various kinds of cultural heritage. The centre of expertise aims to align its activities with institutes and projects that develop similar activities outside the field of cultural heritage, e.g. university libraries and broadcasting corporations.

As such, PACKED vzw is available to all institutes and organisations in Flanders that have the intention to take care of cultural heritage. The organisation’s activities complement those of FARO, the Flemish interface centre for cultural heritage. The expert organisation encourages standardisation and innovation within the cultural heritage institutes and provides them with support for the adaptation of their services to the requirements and possibilities of the contemporary and future digital society.

PACKED vzw embeds its activities not only within the context of Flanders and Brussels, but evidently also within Belgium, Europe and on a larger international scale. Working on a digital society is a cross-regional matter per definition.

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